Top ways to use Email-signature as an Online Marketing Tool

The power of online marketing is growing by the day and many new techniques are in place, to exploit the digital marketing boom. However, one of the most under-estimated tools is an email signature.

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The email signature is a something which is there right in front of us, and yet nobody thinks that it is good enough to be considered an online marketing tool in the first place. An age old saying, “Sometimes the best place to hide, is in plain visibility”, holds good in this case! That brings us to the question, how do we use an email signature in e marketing? Well! Read on!

Promote your Website

Always include a link to your website in your signature. People who read your email are obviously online, and therefore they can definitely access your website in case they need to know more about you and your company. Thus, even if your contact wants to know more about your company, he may directly click and visit it via your email signature.

Social Media Links

Social media is widely used for online marketing purposes, and if you wish to keep in touch with your customers outside your official communication channels, you may turn to social media. In fact this is a channel where many discussions take place in your area of expertise; you can in fact establish yourself as an expert in this field via social media channels. Apart from serious discussions, many inspirational materials as well as jokes can also be shared across social media, thus revealing your ‘human side’ and creating a rapport with your present and future customers. Therefore it is advisable to include links to your social media pages.

Link to Blog

By publishing consistently good content, your blog can establish itself as rich source of information. People will naturally turn to you if they require information or expert advice in your niche field. You may even add a link to this blog and additionally link your RSS feed to the email signature to reflect the latest blog post.

Event Promo Info in Banner

In case you are conducting an event like seminar or webinar and wish to reach out to more people, you may include the ad-banner within your signature to get more coverage and registrations via e marketing.

Latest Promotions and Offerings

If you are giving any discounts or FREE offers, for your products and services, you may include the related information and link within your email signature.

Give Away something for FREE

People are always obsessed with the word FREE; you might as well prepare an informative E-Book and give it away for free, in return for subscribing to your blog or mailing list. If can even be a free software, or any other product sample.

If you neither have an e-book to give away nor any product that you can think of, then you may try something much better than that; i.e., a FREE Consultation or Product Demo. That way, you have the chance to build your brand reputation and contact list with every email you send!

Thus an email signature is anything but insignificant, when it comes to marketing your brand online. You may even create your own custom signature by visiting For more information on email marketing and responsive web design, contact us.

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