5 Benefits of Promotional Products for Small Businesses

There are many promotional products available in the market, which can be gifted to your customers. However, at the end of the day, all of that comes down to the basic questions, “Do these kinds of advertising techniques help small business marketing? What about the returns? What kind of promo products fit the bill?”

corporate gifts copy2

Let’s look at the following inferences:

  • Recall or Remembrance: It is a proven fact that promotional items have a lasting impact on people’s memory; they will obviously remember the product, and the associated brand. Research statistics say that, given the opportunity, more than 85% of them will go back to buy or do business with the same company in future.


  • Positivity: About 60% of the people regard the company which gives them a promotional products, more positively.
  • Lasting Impact: The product which carries a message has a lasting impact. It could even be the company motto or byline that goes with the product.
  • Usability: People love to have items which they can carry for daily use, like coffee mug, pen, keychain, watch and the like. About 80% of the people keep them safely as long as they are usable. Their staying power makes them an effective advertising medium. More than 50% of them use these products at least once a week.
  • Repeated Exposure: Of all the forms of advertising, promotional items result in a repeated exposure of the product logo and message, obviously resulting in a very low cost per impression to the company.

What kind of promotional products do we choose?

There are a variety of items to choose from, hundreds of thousands – to be more precise. Many of these promotional items are available locally and can be shipped within 24 hours of receiving the order. So there’s no dearth of products, you just need to choose the right ones based on the above discussed criteria.

what to choose

Where do we get Promotional Products?

There are a variety of websites which offer corporate promotional products in New Zealand like

  1. Trendee.co.nz
  2. Sigpromo.co.nz
  3. Brightsparks.co.nz
  4. Merchandise.co.nz

Thus we can infer how promotional products leave customers with an everlasting and sweet memory of your company. If business is ‘all about relationships’, then promotional products keep them in good shape. And yes, giving away promotional goodies, can definitely be considered as one of the best advertising techniques for small business marketing.

7 Ways to Increase your Brand Awareness

There is a lot which needs to be done to generate your brand awareness apart from traditional advertising. We discuss a few innovative ways of creating brand awareness and generating a buzz around your brand.

7 ways to increase your brand awareness

Have an Event

Depending on the type of business, you may hold a live event to attract a huge audience. An event is also good for your brand marketing. For example, if you have a clothing line and want to bring out your new summer or collection, you may, in fact, hold your own fashion show. You need a befitting venue for the same. You may hold this show in partnership with one of the sporty or luxury automotive brands, so as to enhance each other’s brand image. You may thus have a FREE venue in an elegant and large automobile showroom. You may even partner with a luxury hotel, hold your photo shoot there.

However, things do not end there. After the photo shoot, you may tag the images with your partner brands that will be glad to share your pictures with their own fans and help your brand marketing in the process.

Showcase Yourself

Showcasing your products is the best way to reach out to any audience at any event. You can organise a competition, where the winners can get your branded goodies as prizes. It can be an online competition, where you ask a weekly question; the winner is decided by drawing lots in the case of multiple correct entries.

Be a Sponsor

It is also a good idea to sponsor an event. It may be related your field, and the invitees could be potential clients who can be introduced to your brand during the course of the event. Just make sure of the below points to ensure smooth co-ordination.

  • Check with the organizer, if you will have a prominent place to place your banner or signage.
  • Find out if you will have a chance to interact with the audience, and accordingly put up a manned counter.
  • You need to research in advance, about the kind of event, the current venue, and whether they can attract a huge footfall, given the current location.

Leverage Social Media

These are the times of Social media; almost everyone is social media. You cannot just afford to miss the opportunity to connect with all your contacts and make your own social media community on relevant channels. You can register and create profiles on major social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and WordPress. You may regularly post status updates on these social media by means of text, images and videos. Feeding your fans with field specific and value added content, encourages shares, and gives rise to a social media buzz around your subject; if it is really good, your post also stands a chance of going viral.

PR Campaign

When it comes to publicity, there is nothing like getting talked about in the newspapers, T.V. or radio. So conduct a survey and check out what’s interesting in your particular field, and where you can fill the gap. Before you make a press request, make sure that your story has a news-worthy angle. It can be anything like a new trend in your field, or perhaps a new product from your side.

For example, if you sell sweets, and if you can afford it, you may bring out a limited edition sweet – wrapped up in ‘24 Carat Golden foil’, and have it priced adequately. Newspapers, T.V. and radio channels cannot put aside your press request and will definitely be interested to know what it’s about. Your brand will definitely get lots of publicity.

Corporate Gifts

Giving away corporate gifts is a nice way to thank your customers for their patronage. Make sure that these gifts are not cheap and are of a very high quality. They can be branded with your logo and contact number if possible; their good quality makes sure that they last longer and continue to benefit the customers.

For example, giving away stationary can be good. Everyone uses USB drives, T-Shirts, watches, and many other daily use goods; having your giveaways along similar lines can ensure that your intended audience is reminded of your brand on a regular basis.

Join hands, & enter into Marketing Partnerships

You may join forces with another business so that both can benefit from the deal. For example, if you are a florist, you may join hands with a shop which sells special chocolates. Customers of that particular shop can get a discount on flowers. Or, if you own a resort, then you may join hands with a travel agency and get discount offers for your customers.

These are the different ways in which you can generate awareness about your brand, both online as well as in the physical world.

Top ways to use Email-signature as an Online Marketing Tool

The power of online marketing is growing by the day and many new techniques are in place, to exploit the digital marketing boom. However, one of the most under-estimated tools is an email signature.

email signature for online marketing 2

The email signature is a something which is there right in front of us, and yet nobody thinks that it is good enough to be considered an online marketing tool in the first place. An age old saying, “Sometimes the best place to hide, is in plain visibility”, holds good in this case! That brings us to the question, how do we use an email signature in e marketing? Well! Read on!

Promote your Website

Always include a link to your website in your signature. People who read your email are obviously online, and therefore they can definitely access your website in case they need to know more about you and your company. Thus, even if your contact wants to know more about your company, he may directly click and visit it via your email signature.

Social Media Links

Social media is widely used for online marketing purposes, and if you wish to keep in touch with your customers outside your official communication channels, you may turn to social media. In fact this is a channel where many discussions take place in your area of expertise; you can in fact establish yourself as an expert in this field via social media channels. Apart from serious discussions, many inspirational materials as well as jokes can also be shared across social media, thus revealing your ‘human side’ and creating a rapport with your present and future customers. Therefore it is advisable to include links to your social media pages.

Link to Blog

By publishing consistently good content, your blog can establish itself as rich source of information. People will naturally turn to you if they require information or expert advice in your niche field. You may even add a link to this blog and additionally link your RSS feed to the email signature to reflect the latest blog post.

Event Promo Info in Banner

In case you are conducting an event like seminar or webinar and wish to reach out to more people, you may include the ad-banner within your signature to get more coverage and registrations via e marketing.

Latest Promotions and Offerings

If you are giving any discounts or FREE offers, for your products and services, you may include the related information and link within your email signature.

Give Away something for FREE

People are always obsessed with the word FREE; you might as well prepare an informative E-Book and give it away for free, in return for subscribing to your blog or mailing list. If can even be a free software, or any other product sample.

If you neither have an e-book to give away nor any product that you can think of, then you may try something much better than that; i.e., a FREE Consultation or Product Demo. That way, you have the chance to build your brand reputation and contact list with every email you send!

Thus an email signature is anything but insignificant, when it comes to marketing your brand online. You may even create your own custom signature by visiting Wisestamp.com. For more information on email marketing and responsive web design, contact us.

Instagram Tips for Business Success

Having beaten twitter with 400 million active users in September 2015, the Instagram community is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing social networks. It makes perfect business sense to take advantage of this growing medium to showcase your products to benefit its large audience.

instagram tips for business success

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, which has a lot of potential, when it comes to marketing your business online. Out of the 400 million active users worldwide, New Zealand with a population of 4.5 million (as on November 2015), has 640,000 Instagram users. That amounts to 14.2% of its total population! Given the astounding reach of Instagram, it is definitely not a bad idea to use Instagram marketing to promote your products and services. Here are the some Instagram tips for business success.

Display your products

Let the Instagram community know what your product looks like. Share good photos of your product with your fans & followers. If you are a graphic designer, you may post some photos of your work, like branding, business cards, vehicle graphics, magazines, flyers, brochures and the like. If you are a restaurant, you may share food pictures.

Show them your Equipment

You may also show the equipment you use. If you are a gymnasium, sports goods dealer, beauty or massage parlor, spa or any other related business, the audience will definitely want to see snaps of your equipment and general ambience of the place, before they think of visiting you or buying your services.

Process & Behind the Scenes Photos

The process of creating your product is definitely of interest to your fans. They will also get a better understanding of your process. So, if you are a restaurant, apart from putting up a video of your staff serving customers, you may also share a do-it-yourself (DIY) video about making a popular dish. Behind the scenes, photos or videos will also act as a window through which your audience can see how you work or execute projects. Similarly, if you are an aerobics or fitness centre, people will desire to see how the venue, equipment, and group sessions look like, before planning a visit. So, posting pics is always key to Instagram success.

Hold a Competition

You can also hold a competition for your customers. Perhaps you can post pictures of your product and ask your customers to give them a caption, and the best caption wins! It can also be a photo competition where the person gets photographed with any of your products; the most creative photo wins! This is also helpful in getting the customer to know about your products better.

Use Popular Hashtags

Check out the trending hashtags and how your product can relate to it; then you may post a relevant picture. This helps in generating an additional stream of traffic and help you in the build-up towards Instagram success.

Celebrity Sightings

If you sight a celebrity during your product launch, or industry event, then make sure you get a snap of them, put it on Instagram; and also remember to tag those celebrities. A simple re-tweet from them can get you a lot of coverage.

Inspire your Audience

Do not limit yourself to ads about your company and its equipment. You can also do a few other inspirational postings to lift the spirit of your fans. A few funny pictures can lighten up their day.

Check out which works Best

Check out, what sort of content gets the most likes, shares or re-tweets. Post similar content to get likes and re – tweets. Make sure you schedule the posts properly and do not over saturate the timeline of your fans.

Cross-Promote Partners

You can cross-promote your partners by tagging them in your posts. For example, if you are a design company, you may promote your printing company and vice versa, as they can benefit from each other’s customers or traffic. These Instagram tips for business success, not only ensure maximum exposure your product and services but also get you business leads.

Thus, you may also use Instagram marketing to promote your products after getting your site designed by your chosen web design company.


Content Marketing for your Business

There are many ways to market a business. The writing good content is just one of them. If done correctly, it has the potential to single-handedly generate more leads.     

TYPES of content

A good content marketing strategy is one of the many effective ways of promoting a business. Every  effective content marketing strategy often involves various types of content or blog postings.  Below is a list of content marketing examples which are an essential component of your content strategy.

Graphics and Information

Infographics are found everywhere on the web. It is nothing but a combination of relevant images and text put together. Pictures combined with text carry more impact than just text. Images again can be classified into at least 7 types:

TYPES of content-quote post

  1. Quote Text

You can easily make images around text quotes which are present in your blog. You may otherwise use relevant quotes.


  1. Graphs and Statistics

People just love statistics and charts. They are a quickfire way to convey information, as opposed to writing an article on the same. The saying, “A picture is worth a worth a thousand words” definitely holds good here.


  1. Meme Images

This is another interesting image type. This usually consists of a scene taken from a famous movie, with the actor in a picture, saying a famous dialogue, that is tweaked to validate the point you are making.


  1. Screenshots

There is nothing close to screenshots, especially when you are explaining something to your audience. If you are a web design, graphic art, DIY, or even games website – there is no better way of getting your point across – other than a screenshot. This will invite the audience to see through your eyes and resonate with what you are talking about.


  1. Custom Graphics

There is nothing better than custom photos when it comes to attracting your audience to your products. For e.g. if you are a restaurant, you may share restaurant interior pictures with relevant description. You may also share pictures of menu items along with their names and ingredients. If you are selling T-Shirts or clothes, the audience obviously doesn’t need Stock photos. They specifically desire photos of your product.


  1. Humorous Images

Photos are given a suitable caption to achieve humorous results and imminent virility. Funny pictures again have a tendency to go viral.  Apart from virility, a dash of humour can actually be humanising; you will be perceived as approachable human beings and not just any other business. These posts can also be shared on twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google plus, apart from your blog.

Thus, we can have different types of image postings as part of our content marketing plan or blog to make it more interesting.

TYPES of content-video

Great Videos

Videos are definitely very popular amongst internet users. Every day, about 4 billion videos is watched on YouTube. It has a following of 1 billion people. A motion video expresses a concept more beautifully and when it is combined with voice over and music, it has the ability to inspire people to act on it. You may upload the video to Vimeo, YouTube or Dailymotion. There are again, different types of videos which may add variety to your blog:

  1. Explainer Video: This video can also be put on your home page, apart from your blog. People love to see introductory videos about your business, your products and services, rather than having to read about it by clicking 3 – 4 different links. This video sets up your value and proposition; the viewer will gauge you based on your video, so make sure it is done professionally.


  1. Product Demo: You may have a short product demo made for your latest products. Many companies have seen a surge in sales, thus using product videos to their best advantage. The video can even be as simple as removing the  cover like it is done in a car launch, or perhaps removal of the wrapper – thus displaying your product to the audience.


  1. Testimonials: Testimonials are a way of adding a touch of authenticity to your products and services. People would love to see real people speak favourably about how they benefitted from your product, rather than read written reviews.


  1. How-to Videos: These are a very popular class of videos, and when done rightly they go viral. Your audience loves how to videos, and when you show them how to get what they want, then they will love you. The result? You go Viral!

Relevant Book Reviews

You may read the latest books in your niche subject and post a review of the same on your blog or social media; by doing this on a consistent basis you will gain more knowledge and obviously be regarded as an authority in your respected field.

TYPES of content-feedback

Invite Customer Reviews

Having customer reviews on your site generates trust. It is always good to have video reviews. But for some reason, if you cannot have them, make sure you have them emailed to you. Also, make sure that the review contains their name and snap, just to prove that they are real people. Positive reviews lead to positive results. However, make sure, that these reviews are a mix of positive and negative ones; and never delete negative reviews. If you have 100% positive reviews on the site, then they will look fake and tailor-made.

Building Top 10 Lists

Produce a list of, “Top-10 or 20 Best or 25 Point Check List”. For example, if you are dealing with body building supplements, you may produce the following lists – to generate engagement. Check out the below examples.

  • Top 10 biggest bodybuilders of all time.
  • 20 best protein foods for building muscle mass.

The audience is very fond of such lists and they even tend to go viral.

Internal Linking

Always provide links to a few other articles in your blog, at relevant places in the blog post. This will make sure that your other blog articles also get traffic and the user feels that he has come to a one-stop-shop for knowledge in that given field.

We can thus use different types of content marketing examples in getting our message across to the right people and can bring valuable inbound traffic and leads. A content marketing strategy should include different types of postings, to resonate with different types of audiences and make an impact.