7 Ways to Increase your Brand Awareness

There is a lot which needs to be done to generate your brand awareness apart from traditional advertising. We discuss a few innovative ways of creating brand awareness and generating a buzz around your brand.

7 ways to increase your brand awareness

Have an Event

Depending on the type of business, you may hold a live event to attract a huge audience. An event is also good for your brand marketing. For example, if you have a clothing line and want to bring out your new summer or collection, you may, in fact, hold your own fashion show. You need a befitting venue for the same. You may hold this show in partnership with one of the sporty or luxury automotive brands, so as to enhance each other’s brand image. You may thus have a FREE venue in an elegant and large automobile showroom. You may even partner with a luxury hotel, hold your photo shoot there.

However, things do not end there. After the photo shoot, you may tag the images with your partner brands that will be glad to share your pictures with their own fans and help your brand marketing in the process.

Showcase Yourself

Showcasing your products is the best way to reach out to any audience at any event. You can organise a competition, where the winners can get your branded goodies as prizes. It can be an online competition, where you ask a weekly question; the winner is decided by drawing lots in the case of multiple correct entries.

Be a Sponsor

It is also a good idea to sponsor an event. It may be related your field, and the invitees could be potential clients who can be introduced to your brand during the course of the event. Just make sure of the below points to ensure smooth co-ordination.

  • Check with the organizer, if you will have a prominent place to place your banner or signage.
  • Find out if you will have a chance to interact with the audience, and accordingly put up a manned counter.
  • You need to research in advance, about the kind of event, the current venue, and whether they can attract a huge footfall, given the current location.

Leverage Social Media

These are the times of Social media; almost everyone is social media. You cannot just afford to miss the opportunity to connect with all your contacts and make your own social media community on relevant channels. You can register and create profiles on major social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and WordPress. You may regularly post status updates on these social media by means of text, images and videos. Feeding your fans with field specific and value added content, encourages shares, and gives rise to a social media buzz around your subject; if it is really good, your post also stands a chance of going viral.

PR Campaign

When it comes to publicity, there is nothing like getting talked about in the newspapers, T.V. or radio. So conduct a survey and check out what’s interesting in your particular field, and where you can fill the gap. Before you make a press request, make sure that your story has a news-worthy angle. It can be anything like a new trend in your field, or perhaps a new product from your side.

For example, if you sell sweets, and if you can afford it, you may bring out a limited edition sweet – wrapped up in ‘24 Carat Golden foil’, and have it priced adequately. Newspapers, T.V. and radio channels cannot put aside your press request and will definitely be interested to know what it’s about. Your brand will definitely get lots of publicity.

Corporate Gifts

Giving away corporate gifts is a nice way to thank your customers for their patronage. Make sure that these gifts are not cheap and are of a very high quality. They can be branded with your logo and contact number if possible; their good quality makes sure that they last longer and continue to benefit the customers.

For example, giving away stationary can be good. Everyone uses USB drives, T-Shirts, watches, and many other daily use goods; having your giveaways along similar lines can ensure that your intended audience is reminded of your brand on a regular basis.

Join hands, & enter into Marketing Partnerships

You may join forces with another business so that both can benefit from the deal. For example, if you are a florist, you may join hands with a shop which sells special chocolates. Customers of that particular shop can get a discount on flowers. Or, if you own a resort, then you may join hands with a travel agency and get discount offers for your customers.

These are the different ways in which you can generate awareness about your brand, both online as well as in the physical world.

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